Small Glimpse Into Berlin's Electronic Music Berlin Atonal Festival

Five continuous days of electronic music, sweaty dancing and experiential art are over. Last week, Berlin Atonal took place across three of Berlin’s most (in)famous clubs -- Kraftwerk, Tresor and OHM. Packed with hundreds of ravers, music nerds and anyone in pursuit of a 24-hour party, it proved that if you want a good time soundtracked by techno, Berlin’s still the capital.

Borshch is about ...

Tiago: I’m a freelance graphic designer and run BORSHCH, a magazine about electronic music on and beyond the dancefloor, with Marianna.

Mariana: I’m a writer, mostly about music-related topics and a little bit of lifestyle.

On Atonal Festival ...

Mariana: Experiencing an electronic and noise project in this kind of place is very special as it sounds like it’s coming from the place itself. It’s almost a religious kind of vibe.

Tiago: Some of the artists at Atonal present something a bit different from what they normally do.

On Berlin music scene ...

Mariana: I would definitely recommend the Mala Junta party. There's a new wave of techno in Berlin that's inspired by the 90s and is very different from the established Berlin sound. It blends fashion, young people and DIY --- everything is becoming more eclectic and I am really happy to be part of it.

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