How YBA Art Legend Sarah Lucas Helped Design the Tate’s Franz West Show

Some say that art and humor do not mix, but Sarah Lucas says differently. Sarah Lucas is a YBA artist who adventures with her pieces in new and exciting ways that challenge the common boundaries of art. Her unique style has earned her a place helping design Franz West's exhibit at the Tate Modern. Franz West embodied breaking the rules of art through engagement with the viewer. He also gave seemingly random items purpose through his pieces. West always thought outside of the box to create not just a viewing masterpiece, but an experiential masterpiece for his viewers. This eccentric point of view influenced many young artists including Lucas. Through participating in this major retrospective, Lucas pays her respects to her friend and artistic mentor showing that artists can break out of the bounds of just painting and photography and express creativity in many different ways that allow viewers to have a more personal interaction with the art. This exhibit is currently available for viewing (or experiencing) at the Tate Modern until June 20, 2019.

NDH Franz West Tate Modern Sarah Lucas New Distribution House
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